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At NSTAR, many women are working in jobs that have been traditionally held by men. From Electric Operations to Gas Supply and Service, more women are finding their niche in the field serving customers on the front lines.

Through the ongoing work of Human Resources, managers across the company and groups like the Diversity Council and NSTAR Women, NSTAR is undertaking efforts to attract more women to non-traditional roles. And those employees will have the guidance and help of women like NSTAR employees Sue Adamski and Gloria Taylor.

Sue Adamski
Gas Supply Maintenance Technician

Sue Adamski
Sue Adamski began her 25 year career at NSTAR as a clerk, but soon found where she wanted to be was in the field. "I think an office job is just not for me," she said. "I love being out and about, and really interacting with customers."

After working in a couple of NSTAR's business areas, including Gas Service and Facilities, Sue is currently a maintenance technician for Gas Supply, working in NSTAR's Worcester location doing everything from dismantling regulators to testing the gas system. She feels one of the best "perks" of her non traditional job has been applying her mechanical skills at home. "As a single parent for many years, I was confident enough to take on many home improvement tasks I may not have before."

Being in a non-traditional role, Sue also knows she sometimes provides an education for customers. When working in Gas Service, Sue went to a home without heat, only to be confronted by a customer who would not let her in to address the problem because she was a woman. Once finally allowed in, she quickly solved the issue, and the customer apologized for underestimating her. "It was nice to know I opened someone's eyes that day."

Gloria Taylor


Gloria Taylor
Field Service Technician

For Boston Field Technician Gloria Taylor, it took the encouragement of a female colleague to get her to apply for a non-traditional job. "She really pushed me to do it. And here I am almost 22 years later enjoying my work out in the field," remarked Gloria.

Gloria is responsible for installing meters, removing meters and troubleshooting, and she echoes Sue's feelings about not being in a typical office environment, and the opportunities her job gives her to see and work with customers directly. "One of the most rewarding parts of my work is simply being able to correct problems," she said. "To see the customer satisfied is a great part of the job that we do."

Having worked long-term in a non-traditional role has also given Gloria the ability to guide her two daughters as they move closer to entering the working world. "I give them the same advice I would give a woman coming into a job like this: have confidence, and do not be afraid to do your job and do it well. You cannot be fearful just because the work you are doing isn't traditionally a woman's job.


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