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Competitive Supplier Calculator

This three part tool can show you how your NSTAR bill will differ if you choose to sign an agreement with a Competitive Power Supplier. It will also show how your past electric use may be recalculated on your NSTAR bill.

Please note, NSTAR's Basic Service rates are currently only available through June 30, 2015. Your contract with a Supplier might be longer in duration. New Basic Service rates, which take affect July 1, will be made available in late June.

To use this calculator, please have your latest NSTAR bill and a copy of a Competitive Power Supplier's offer handy.

The asterisk (*) signifies required information.
Part 1 - Price Comparison Tool
Based on the information you enter below, the first part of this tool will show the cost difference between current NSTAR generation charges and a proposed supplier cost if you choose to sign an agreement with a Competitive Power Supplier.
Supplier Cents Per kWH Charge:*
Your Average Electricity Use A Month:*
(in kWh)
What type of account do you have?*
What type of Basic Service do you have?*

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