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NSTAR Prepared As Nor'easter Heads Toward Mass.

As the region braces for a nor'easter, NSTAR is prepared to safely and quickly respond to possible wind damage and related power outages across its service area.

The company continues to monitor weather forecasts and will mobilize its workforce as soon as it becomes necessary. NSTAR crews that had been working in Connecticut to help restore power to customers of its sister utility Connecticut Light & Power have returned home prior to the arrival of the impending severe weather.

We encourage customers whose electric service is affected by the storm to report it by using our "Report an Outage" tool or by calling us at 800-592-2000.

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For more than 100 years, NSTAR Electric and Gas has been delivering safe and reliable electricity and natural gas to customers in Eastern, Central and Southeastern Massachusetts.

NSTAR transmits and delivers electricity to 1.1 million electric customers in 81 communities and nearly 300,000 gas customers in 51 communities.

NSTAR is an operating company of Northeast Utilities.

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Please remember, you can always report a service interruption to NSTAR by either using our "Report an Outage" online tool or by calling 800-592-2000. Information about current outages is also available on NSTAR's Outage Report.

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How NSTAR Prepares

With assistance from weather services, NSTAR is constantly monitoring the weather in our service territory. Once it becomes likely severe weather is heading our way, we begin putting forces in the field as early as possible.

NSTAR also works closely with cities and towns one to three days in advance of the storm or hurricane to ensure lines of communication are open. Additional tree and line crews are also placed on standby should they be needed, and mutual assistance providers and contractor crews are alerted. In the event of other emergency situations, NSTAR has pre-established lines of communication with federal, state and local officials.

Please remember, you can always report a service interruption to NSTAR by either using our "Report an Outage" online tool or by calling 800-592-2000. Information about current outages is also available on NSTAR's Outage Report.

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Restoration Efforts

Our advanced, computerized control system often gives us first notification of a large power outage. We also get reports from public safety agencies and local police and fire departments.

NSTAR also depends on customers to report outages - either by using our toll-free number (800-592-2000) or our "Report an Outage" online tool. Smaller outages can sometimes go undetected by the automated parts of our system.

Our specialized computer system allows dispatchers to analyze and take care of many problems electronically, which can reduce the duration of an outage. If the problem cannot be corrected in the control room, a crew will be dispatched.

In the event of a major storm, NSTAR implements an emergency plan of operation which places the efforts of the entire company behind power restoration 24-hours a day. We will try to restore electric service to the maximum number of customers in the shortest possible time.

NSTAR is in constant communication with government representatives, town officials and the media throughout any outage; therefore you may be able to receive updated information through your battery-operated radio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions you might have about storm or hurricane preparation, steps NSTAR takes and what you can do to ensure your family and home are safe.

What should I do when my power goes out?
First, make sure the switches of your circuit breaker are all in the on position or that you haven't blown any fuses. If everything appears to be fine, use our "Report an Outage" online tool or call 800-592-2000 to report the outage.

What type of situations tend to create service interruptions?
While interruptions can be caused by a variety of different situations, high winds, heavy snow and ice pose significant challenges for our wires. Other factors might also cause outages in your area, such as an automobile striking a utility pole. For customers in cities and towns served by an underground system, flooding can also cause equipment damage in manholes.

Why don't I see NSTAR crews working on my street?
Because of how our electric system is designed, your outage might not necessarily be caused by a problem on your street, or even a nearby street. Even if you don't see crews or NSTAR vehicles working near your home, NSTAR is working hard to have your power restored as quickly as possible.

I saw an NSTAR truck but they're gone now. My power has not been restored. Is somebody coming back?
During emergency situations NSTAR will often send out a special crew to find out exactly where the problem is, what kind of work needs to be performed and most importantly to make sure the area is safe. Those workers then make sure the right type of crew is sent to the scene that is qualified to do the necessary repair work. Also, keep in mind we might find the problem is in an area not near your home.

What might cause a delay in restoring my power?
Often NSTAR is impeded by obstacles blocking access to our power lines. Things such as illegally parked cars, blocked roads, unplowed or flooded streets, downed trees or other dangerous situations slow our response time in repairing damage to our system. Conditions throughout our system also might cause delays.

For instance, several small, scattered outages are more time consuming to repair because they entail more time consuming house-to-house stops to reconnect lines to individual homes.

How does NSTAR prioritize restoration efforts during a significant emergency situation?
NSTAR implements an emergency plan of operations that places the efforts of the entire company behind power restoration 24-hours a day. We will try to restore electric service to the maximum number of customers in the shortest possible time.

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Before the Storm

With the first signs of an approaching hurricane or winter storm, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

Emergency supplies should be stored in an easy to reach area. These include:

If a severe weather or hurricane warning is put into place, and the storm becomes imminent, take the following precautions.

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If The Power Goes Out

If you experience a service interruption please:

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After The Storm

After severe weather has passed, please take the following steps and precautions:

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Generator Safety

If you choose to use a portable generator, please take note of the following operational guidelines.

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Service Equipment Ownership

In the event of a storm, you may have questions about which parts of your service are privately owned and which parts NSTAR Electric maintains.

NSTAR maintains the electric poles, wires and other infrastructure that run along your street and end at the connection point just after your service drop. With the exception of the meter, wires and equipment that run from the connection point into a residence are the responsibility of the customer, including the weatherhead and electric meter socket.

If you have damage to the wires or equipment after the connection point (except for your meter) please call a licensed electrician to have them repaired. If you have any questions please call NSTAR at 800-592-2000.

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Payment Options

NSTAR offers a number of ways for you to pay their bill. In addition to the options below, your bank might also have an online banking feature. More in-depth information about each offering is available in the Payment Options section of our full web site.

Provides our customers with a free, secure and user-friendly means of managing their NSTAR account over the Internet. By registering with E-Bill, NSTAR customers will enjoy paperless billing and can make one-time payments, set up a recurring payment schedule, and view their bill history online.

One Time Payment
Looking to make a quick, single payment to your NSTAR account? A One Time Payment allows you to pay your bill immediately with no pre-enrollment necessary. Simply enter your bank information and the amount of your payment.

Direct Pay
Direct Pay will automatically charge your bank account for the exact amount of your bill about ten days after you receive it. Direct Pay will not affect any budget arrangements you may have with us. There is no additional fee to use Direct Pay. However, Direct Pay is for paying your monthly bill only and cannot be used for charges such as rental billings, repairs or Home Heating Protection Plans.

Pay By Text
Provided through a partnership with Western Union, Pay By Text lets you pay your bill directly from your bank account. After signing up you'll receive a text message five days before your bill should be paid and when you are ready, reply "YES NST" to that text message and your bill will be paid. No personal information is sent via text messages during the entire process.

Pay By Phone
Pay by Phone allows customers to use our 24-hour, toll-free automated phone number (800-592-2000) and automatically charge their bank account. Simply tell us how much you want to pay and we'll take care of the rest.

U.S. Mail
You can pay your NSTAR bill by sending a check via U.S. Mail to:

PO Box 660369
Dallas, TX 75266-0369

Credit Cards
Through a partnership with Western Union Speedpay, you can pay your NSTAR bill online using your MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express Card. Western Union Speedpay also accepts ATM and debit cards within the STAR, NYCE, ACCEL and Pulse networks. Simply visit the Western Union Speedpay secure web site or call 800-566-2656. Please note there is a fee for this service, and automatic recurring payments are not available.

USPS Money Orders
U.S. Postal Service Money Orders are another way for customers without a checking account to pay their NSTAR bill. Available through your local post office for a fee, U.S. Postal Service Money Orders can be mailed to NSTAR in your return envelope along with your payment stub.

Walk-In Payment Locations
NSTAR has partnered with Western Union and many local merchants in the cities and towns we serve to enable you to pay your NSTAR bill in person. To help you find a location near you NSTAR has compiled a complete list of locations in an Adobe PDF file. Please note, you may be subject to a processing fee for transactions made at certain locations.

Budget Billing
Would you like to balance your monthly energy bill and pay a more consistent amount month to month? If so, signup for NSTAR's Budget Billing program. Our Budget Billing online tool can calculate an appropriate payment amount for you and enroll you in Budget Billing.

Payment Plans
NSTAR can work with you to spread out payments on overdue portions of your bill. If you have a past due balance, you can setup a Payment Plan online. The benefit of choosing this option is that we will issue an automatic order to reconnect your service if it has been shut off for non-payment without the need to speak to a representative. During this process, you will be asked to provide your banking information, as a down payment is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my bill online?
There are a number of payment options for customers, including E-Bill from NSTAR. With E-Bill, you can log on to view and pay your bill online.

Why does my NSTAR bill change from month to month?
Everyone uses energy differently. Energy usage can depend on a number of things, including the size of your home, the number of people who live there, and the number and size of your appliances. Even the outside temperature can affect your energy use.

When comparing your energy use from month to month, look at the amount of kWh (with your electric bill) or Therms (with your gas bill). These measurements reflect the "quantity" of energy that you are using and are good indicators of your usage.

Check out our Understanding Your Bill page to learn more about your bill.

I am moving. What do I do?
It is necessary to contact NSTAR and inform us that you are either moving in, or moving out. To do this, simply fill out a Start Service, Transfer Service or Stop Service form right here on our web site, or call us at 800-592-2000.

I am having trouble paying my bill. Can NSTAR help?
NSTAR has options for customers who are having trouble paying their energy bill. NSTAR can work with you to spread out payments on overdue portions of your bill. If you have a past due balance, you can setup a Payment Plan online or by calling us at 800-592-2000.

Also, you may want to visit our Financial Assistance pages to find out if you are eligible for help with your bill.

Where do I mail my payment?
You can send your NSTAR payment via U.S. Mail to:

PO Box 660369
Dallas TX 75266-0369

How can I lower my energy bill?
The best way to lower your energy bill is to use energy more efficiently. Visit our Energy Efficiency section to get seasonal energy tips, learn about energy efficient appliances and products, and find out about the many energy efficiency programs NSTAR has to offer.

What do I do if my power goes out?
First, you should check your circuit breakers or fuses. Then, check to see if power in your whole area or section of your neighborhood is out. Also, check to see if the line providing power to your home is down.

If you cannot ascertain the reason for your outage, or you have questions, call NSTAR at 800-592-2000. If you do see a downed wire, make sure to call NSTAR immediately. Stay away from downed wires. Assume all downed wires are "live" and keep away from puddles and fences that are near the wires. Warn others away from downed wires.

What do I do if I smell gas?
NSTAR and other gas companies add an odor to gas so you will know if natural gas is leaking. If you smell gas, NSTAR has some important safety procedures for you to follow. NSTAR Gas provides 24-hour emergency service every day of the year. Make sure to call 800-592-2000.

What is Basic Service and why am I on it?
Basic Service is market-priced electricity we buy for NSTAR Electric customers who do not have a competitive supplier. Basic Fixed has a fixed price for up to six months. Basic Service Variable prices change monthly. You may choose either option. Contact us for information about these choices, and check out our Competitive Power Supply pages for more information.

How often is my meter read?
On average, your meter is read once a month (called an actual read), which is how NSTAR generates your monthly bill. Sometimes, however, NSTAR cannot retrieve an actual read of your bill, and must generate an estimated read, which means your monthly bill will be based upon past usage.