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Dig Safe

Building an addition? Installing a new fence? Tilling soil for a new garden? Excavating?

Before you or your contractor begin digging, remember that state law requires that you call Dig Safe at 811 or 888-DIG-SAFE (888-344-7233) at least 72 business hours prior to digging. NSTAR, along with all other utilities will send someone to mark the exact location of underground facilities. 

This simple precaution will prevent accidental uprooting or damage to underground pipes or wires and protect against the possibility of individual injury. Visit Dig Safe for more information.

Please note, utility companies will only mark the facilities they own or maintain. Private underground pipes and cables may not be owned or maintained by member utility companies, therefore they are unable to locate them. It is the the responsibility of the property owner to investigate if any privately owned utilities are in the area. More information, including Private Utility Locator contractors, is available on the Dig Safe web site.


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