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Electric Safety Tips for Kids

Although electricity is readily accessible and very safe when used properly, it is nevertheless important to follow necessary safety precautions. As a power provider, NSTAR follows strict safety practices. To ensure your safety, we would like you to do the same. That's why NSTAR provides the following safety tips for you and your children to always keep in mind.

  • Never touch electrical outlets with your fingers or with objects.
  • Never play with electrical cords, wires or switches.
  • If you're in the bathtub, shower, or standing on a wet floor never touch anything electrical like a light switch or hairdryer.
  • When playing outdoors never play around electrical wires or equipment.
  • Stay away from areas marked DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE.
  • Never climb utility poles, transmission towers or fences around substations.
  • Climb trees that are far away from power lines. Learn to look up to check for power lines before climbing trees.
  • Never throw objects at wires or utility poles.
  • And if you like to fly kites, remember to fly them only in dry weather and in open spaces, away from power lines; never use wire or metal in a kite and if your kite gets caught in a power line, leave it there and call NSTAR or your electric utility. (Tugging at it could pull live wires to the ground.)

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