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Outdoor Safety Tips

Although electricity is readily accessible and very safe when used properly, it is nevertheless important to follow necessary safety precautions. As a power provider, NSTAR follows strict safety practices. To ensure your safety, we would like you to do the same. That's why NSTAR provides the following outdoor safety tips for you and your children to always keep in mind.

  • Before you do any deep digging or drilling, be sure there are no underground utilities where you plan to work. Call DIG SAFE at 888-DIG-SAFE (888-344-7233). Visit Dig Safe for more information.
  • STAY AWAY FROM DOWNED WIRES. Assume all downed wires are "live" and keep away from puddles and fences that are near the wires. Warn others away from downed wires. Have someone call 911 and the electric utility.
  • Use only extension cords and other electrical equipment designed for outdoor use and always keep the cords away from the cutting blades of saws and lawn tools.
  • Install outdoor outlets with ground fault interrupters (GFI).
  • Electric power tools should not be used in the rain, on wet surfaces, near a sprinkler or pool.
  • Before you install a rooftop antenna, be sure it is away from power lines. Locate antennas where they won't touch or fall on electrical lines. Make sure roof antennas are grounded.
  • Whenever possible, use a wooden or fiberglass ladder for outdoor work. Aluminum ladders could be dangerous around electrical lines. Stay away from the lines feeding power to your house.
  • If a power line falls on the car you're in, stay put until rescue or utility workers arrive. (It's safe to use a cell phone to call for help.)
  • If someone is shocked, do not touch them! First unplug the appliance or turn off power at the control panel. If you can't turn off the power, use a dry plastic or wooden broom handle to separate the victim from the power source. Call 911 for medical assistance.
  • Never build a swimming pool or other structure under a power line, including the one leading to your house.

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