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Cape Light Compact FAQ

Below are the answers to some frequently asked customer questions about the Cape Light Compact and ConEdison Solutions.

What is the Cape Light Compact?
The Cape Light Compact is an aggregator authorized by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to purchase the electric supply on behalf of all customers on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.

Who is ConEdison Solutions?
ConEdison Solutions is the company the Cape Light Compact has selected to generate electricity for customers on the Cape and Vineyard.

What is this extra charge on my bill?
Your NSTAR bill has always been broken into two main parts - delivery services and supplier services. Instead of NSTAR purchasing the Supplier portion of your bill on your behalf, the Cape Light Compact does.

Delivery Services is the price of bringing power from where it's generated to your home, while Supplier Services is the cost of generating that electricity.

Who signed me up for ConEdison Solutions? Is NSTAR still my electric company?
Pursuant to Massachusetts law, all customers on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard were automatically placed on the Cape Light Compact's supplier starting March 1, 2002 unless they opted out. If you like, you can call the Cape Light Compact (800-381-9192) and have NSTAR begin purchasing your energy supply on your behalf.

Regardless of your supplier, NSTAR Electric will continue to provide reliable electric service to customers on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard.  This includes continuing to provide the delivery of power, meter reading, billing and providing other customer services in the field and through our call center.

Where do I get more information on supplier rates?
Information about NSTAR Basic Service rates is available both in the Rates & Tariffs section of our web site and on the web site of the DPU.

Information about the Cape Light Compact's supply rate can be found on their web site or by calling 800-381-9192.

Is the Cape Light Compact rate the best available?
Legally NSTAR is unable to give customers advice on which competitive supplier they should do business with. It is up to each consumer to do their own research and decide what is in their best interest. 

However, general educational information about choosing a competitive power supplier is available.

How do I discontinue service with ConEdison Solutions/the Cape Light Compact?
You can call the Cape Light Compact and tell them you would like to opt out. The Cape Light Compact will then contact NSTAR and let them know of the change.

Why can't you include supplier charges when setting up a Budget Billing amount?
Unfortunately both regulatory and billing system limitations make NSTAR unable to post budget billing payments to suppliers like ConEdison Solutions.


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