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Discount Rate Application

If you are currently eligible for fuel assistance, or are receiving one of the benefits listed below, you may also be eligible for NSTAR's Discount Rate. Please note, eligibility for the Discount Rate isn't limited to these programs, as other means-tested public benefits are also eligible. Please call (800-566-2080) or email us if you have any questions.

Your household income must also meet eligibility requirements, and your NSTAR bill must be in your name. If you think you may qualify, please fill in this form, then print this web page, sign it, and either fax it to 781-441-8512 or mail it to:

Customer Service
One NSTAR Way NW200
Westwood, MA 02090-9909

Electric Account #: --
Gas Account #: --
Name (as shown on bill):
Daytime Phone #: --
Social Security #: --
I receive a benefit under the following programs
(please check all that apply):


* Eligibility letter required. Please include a copy.

I certify each of the following to be true. I receive assistance benefits under program(s) checked above. I receive an NSTAR bill in my name. I authorize the agency responsible for benefit(s) being received to release information on this application to NSTAR. I authorize the administrator of the program checked above to notify the company in the event that my benefits are terminated. I also understand that I am required to notify NSTAR if my benefits end.

Signature:_______________________________  Date:

This program is offered by NSTAR. Once your eligibility is verified, a "residential assistance" rate code will appear on your bill. You will be eligible to receive this discount for one year, and must renew your eligibility annually.

If NSTAR does not receive proper documentation within 60 days, you will be removed from the Discount Rate and re-billed at the regular rate starting from the date you originally applied for the discount.

Upon completion, please print this web page, sign and either mail or fax this form to the phone number or address above.


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